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10th October 2019, 01:31

Nine years later, Gibtelecom & AquaGib pension claim is settled - Picardo says very pleased settlement agreed before summer & now finalised

About 140 retired and current employees of Gibtelecom and AquaGib have now received payments from the Government settling a pensions claim initiated nine years ago.

The 2011 and 2015 GSLP-Liberal manifestos contained an undertaking to ensure that current and former employees of Gibtelecom and AquaGib “should not be in a worse position in pensionable terms than if they had stayed within Government service”. It was a promise originally made by Sir Joe Bossano when he was Chief Minister and privatized telephone and water services.

The payments to the 80 Gibtelecom workers and the 60 AquaGib workers varied according to their length of service and final salary, but all received a minimum lump sum payment of £15,000 and a maximum of £60,000. For those workers who have since died, their next of kin received the monies owed.

A spokesperson for the group who negotiated the settlement with the Chief Minister said some think they should have got more money and are not wholly happy with the agreed sums, but he said the group is “generally happy”. The spokesperson thanked Fabian Picardo for honouring his promise to resolve this issue.

Picardo very pleased matter now finalised - tells GBC settlement was agreed before the summer

Fabian Picardo told GBC he was very pleased to agree a settlement with the Gibtelecom and AquaGib pension claimants. He said this happened just before the summer.

He thanked Unite for having invited him to celebrate that agreement having been finalised on Wednesday.