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15th September 2021, 17:08

​Nineteen expressions of interest received for Eastside plots; discussions ongoing says Government

Nineteen expressions of interest have been received for the development of a number of plots on the East Side of the Rock, advertised last year.

The Government says discussions are ongoing with different entities regarding their proposals.

Last year the Government advertised 13 plots as part of a plan towards developing the East Side. Applicants were invited to bid for one or more, or for the entire area. 19 expressions of interest were received, with many different combinations of plots.

Conditions included that plots 5 and 11 include a total of 500 public parking spaces, and that the area comprise mixed residential, commercial, tourist, recreation and leisure use developments, which can include different categories of housing, including affordable homes.

GBC understands that residents of neighbouring Catalan Bay have written to the Chief Minister with 270 signatures requesting affordable housing in the area. The East Side rubble is now being moved to begin works on the Victoria Keys reclamation, clearing the way for development in the area. However, there is still a while to go.

Asked by GBC when the Government will announce which projects have been given the go ahead, it said it wasn’t yet in a position to make any announcement, with discussions ongoing.

The Government says it maintains its position that Hassans Centenary Terraces should remain the highest point on the site, tapering down to low-rise development next to Catalan Bay.

With the tallest building in the Hassans Centenary Terraces coming in at 33 floors, that should leave a lot of room for developers.