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22nd March 2019, 13:56

No-deal planning: access to Spanish healthcare for 21 months if UK adopts reciprocal legislation

The Government says Gibraltarians' access to Spanish healthcare providers would continue for just under two years following a no-deal Brexit, subject to the UK adopting reciprocal legislation. It adds access to healthcare in the UK would remain unaffected.

The Government has published a technical notice on no-deal Brexit planning in the field of healthcare.

It says Spain's no-deal contingency measures on healthcare would expressly cover Gibraltarians and other people entitled to healthcare in Gibraltar, for a period of 21 months - if the UK adopts reciprocal legislation.

With regards to access to healthcare elsewhere in the EU in the event of a no-deal Brexit, the Government states the UK has proposed to EU member states that the same arrangements should be maintained till the end of 2020 to minimise disruption.

It says the UK government is in the process of adopting reciprocal legislation, and that Gibraltar has already published its own.

However, the Government adds it would advise people to check the position of each EU member state.

If the Withdrawal Agreement is passed, the status quowould continue till the end of 2020: the end of the transition period. The Government highlights that a year ago, the UK government committed to maintain its current reciprocal healthcare arrangements with Gibraltar.

The full technical notice can be read here.