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25th January 2023, 20:20

No job losses or residents forced out of Mount Alvernia, says Minister for Economic Development

Published by GBC News

The Minister for Economic Development has given assurances that there will be no job losses at Mount Alvernia and service users will not be forced out of the facility.

Sir Joe Bossano has addressed concerns from employees that their jobs at the site could be at risk, following some of his comments on the Residential Home being built at Rooke.

Latest images at Rooke show the pre-fabricated blocks that will make up the new elderly residential facility have now started to be assembled.

The Minister for Economic Development told Parliament the Mount Alvernia building would be decommissioned eventually, because he says it's not fit for purpose, and that repairing it would be more costly than building a new home. In response to GBC questions, he stressed his use of the word 'eventually' adding nothing is going to happen overnight.

He says the service is for the benefit of the users, not the employees, who are all employed by the GHA following the settling of a pay claim in 2012.

GBC understands that Unite is seeking a meeting with the Health Minister to clarify some matters and plans to meet with Elderly Residential Services staff next week.