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12th October 2017, 19:23

No post-Brexit disruption to flights from Gib to UK expected, says Garcia

Gibraltar would be one of the few places in Europe where flights to the UK would continue uninterrupted, should no aviation deal be struck with the EU after Brexit.

This is according to the Deputy Chief Minister, Dr Joseph Garcia, in answer to GBC questions following comments from Philip Hammond earlier this week. The Chancellor said a “no deal” brexit could see flights between Europe and the UK grounded.

Dr Garcia said the continuation of flights between the United Kingdom and the European Union requires a new aviation agreement to be concluded between them as part of the future relationship deal. If there is no agreement in Aviation, which is not covered by WTO rules unlike trade, there would be nothing to fall back on in terms of EU/UK flights only. On the question of whether Gibraltar flights will need to be re-routed so as not to breach EU airspace in such an eventuality, the Government says it is impossible to tell and this would depend on what may be agreed at the time.