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13th March 2018, 20:39

No UK Government Minister able to give definitive explanation of what ‘Global Britain’ means, says UK Parliament report

A UK Parliament report says that no UK Government Minister has been able to give a definitive explanation of what the phrase ‘Global Britain’ means.

The House of Commons Foreign Affairs Select Committee looked at the slogan of UK foreign policy in the age of Brexit; a catchphrase which has cropped up in speeches by Prime Minister Theresa May and Foreign Secretary Boris Johnson.

Yet despite its frequent use, the parliamentary inquiry shows that “Global Britain” has not been precisely defined by the Foreign and Commonwealth Office, which has also been reluctant to respond to requests for basic information about the objectives of Global Britain and the resources to be devoted to it. The Select Committee says if ‘Global Britain’ comes to be perceived as a superficial branding exercise, it risks undermining UK interests.