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11th August 2017, 18:49

OESCO employee granted £273,000 in damages after fall at work

An employee of the OESCO electricity generation site on Queensway has been granted two hundred and seventy-three thousand pounds in damages after suffering a fall at work in 2011 which left him severely disabled.

While changing a spotlight above an OESCO engine, the 38-year-old fell 3.5 metres and sustained injuries, including a smashed ankle and broken bones in both legs. The company admitted liability and Mr Justice Jack has now decided the extent of his compensation.

The damages of two hundred and seventy-three thousand pounds take into account past loss of earnings and future losses, as well as future surgery and health care costs.

The employee had been a keen sportsman, but as a result of his injuries, can no longer walk any distance without his feet swelling up with great pain.