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28th July 2020, 19:01

'Open Your Eyes' meets with Chief Minister to discuss concerns raised at demo

The recently established group Open Your Eyes has met with the Chief Minister to discuss points raised in a letter handed over to the Chief Minister at a demonstration earlier this month.

The group stressed the need for transparency in regards to Brexit deals, claiming there has been scant information forthcoming from Government sources. It says that future agreements should be internationally binding treaties and consulted with the public through a referendum. The groups claims that the Chief Minister, in response, asked them if it would like to have a referendum every other week.

The group also raised the issue of the abortion referendum, claiming it was less important than the Rock’s imminent departure from the EU. However, Fabian Picardo, the group says, insisted he has a mandate.

Open Your Eyes representatives say they covered three of fourteen points in the letter and hope to meet again on Thursday to cover those outstanding.