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25th November 2022, 14:12

OS35 removal plan in place as Dutch company awarded contract

Published by GBC News

The stricken OS35 vessel is expected to be cut up in two pieces and taken to an EU approved recycling facility.

The vessel's owners have awarded the contract for the removal of the wreck to Dutch company Koole Contractors with the approval and close supervision of the Port Authority.

The operation is on track for completion by the 30th May.

Since the 29th August, the damaged OS35 Bulk Carrier has rested off the East side of Gibraltar.

Last month the Port Authority issued a removal order to the Ship's owners as they prepared for a plan to safely remove the wreck from Gibraltar's waters.

The contract has now been awarded, and meets the Port Authority's environmental, risk and safety standards.

The plan is for the ship to be cut in two, at a point which avoids the oil tanks. The front part, the bow, will be hoisted using chains, whilst the rear, the stern, will be re-floated.

Both sections will be placed on a semi-submersible vessel, and shipped to an EU approved recycling facility.

However, at the Port's behest, there are a number of options and contingency measures in case all does not go according to plan, as there are many variables at play.

The Port believes this plan is eminently deliverable by the 30th May, and fully compatible with the strictest of measures for the protection of the environment.