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14th May 2021, 19:34

Over 100 Covid samples tested at University Lab so far as part of new genome sequencing project

Published by GBC News

Over 100 Covid positive samples have already been tested at the GHA Covid Lab based at the University. This as part of the the genome Sequencing Project launched a few weeks ago. Prior to the launch, the local team was training at the Francis Crick Institute in London.

Now, the University Lab will now be able to identify different Covid variants within hours.  

The 100 samples sequenced at the local lab are samples taken from Covid positive cases in December.

The University Lab team have sequenced the samples as part of the new genome sequencing project, which will allow them to identify different Covid variants.

The validation process for these samples is to provide assurance that the Gibraltar lab team is able to accurately and consistently reproduce the same results as Public Health England.

So far, all sequences tested locally have matched the results previously provided. These will now be reviewed and signed off by the GHAs microbiologist, Dr Nick Cortes.

Next, the team will set out to test the first sequences, which will be samples taken from the latest Covid positives identified locally – the seafarers who have been quarantining on board their ship.

The Genome Sequencing project will allow the Gibraltar based team to identify Covid variants locally, and within hours.