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1st December 2019, 23:15

Over 50 men take part in Movember Shave-Off at Casemates

Over 50 men took part in this year’s Movember Shave-Off this weekend.

It was held by the Prostate Cancer Support Group, following a month-long campaign to raise awareness of the disease.

The event at Casemates on Saturday saw the shaving-off of moustaches grown by men over the course of November to raise awareness of prostate cancer.

There was also an information stand, where visitors could find out more about the importance of getting yourself tested, as – the group stresses – early detection and diagnosis means men stand a very good chance of surviving prostate cancer.

The Prostate Cancer Support Group has thanked all those who took up the challenge. It adds one of its objectives for 2020 is to raise funds for transperineal 3D fusion medical equipment, which will allow the GHA to repatriate another medical test to Gibraltar.

The other objective, the group says, is to continue to fund awareness of prostate cancer; adding it will meet soon with Minister for Health, Paul Balban, to discuss the way forward.