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12th June 2019, 18:03

Parking app that allows payment over mobile devices and directs drivers to vacant spaces to be introduced

Gibraltar will be introducing smart parking technology to gather data on parking habits and needs. Parking stock will be linked to an app, which will allow payment over mobile devices and direct drivers to vacant spaces. This has been announced by Minister for Infrastructure and Planning, Paul Balban, in his budget speech.

New policing vehicles will be fitted with technology that will pick out incorrectly parked vehicles or those with expired Road worthiness certificates.

On the Sustainable, Traffic Transport and Parking Plan-Mr Balban said it has to be the people's plan for it to have a truly positive impact on health and lives and that the community had to want it. He said the business community would soon be able to access all Residential Parking Zones except Zone 2, which will continue to be accessed as normal via the loading and unloading areas. 

A full review of the operation, facilities and parking hardware is being carried out with all new machines to support card payments. 

The present CCTV network is also being reviewed.