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28th July 2020, 19:10

Parliament questions whether former Minister Neil Costa is on an £18,000 Government monthly retainer

The Government says it has entered no financial arrangements with former Health Minister, Neil Costa. it adds, no former ministers, other than former GSD Minister, Mr Fabian Vinet, have any retainer arrangements with the Government.

This follows questions in Parliament yesterday from the GSD's Daniel Feetham and Together Gibraltar’s Marlene HassanNahon, as to whether former GSLP/Liberal Minister Neil Costa is being paid an £18,000 monthly retainer by the Government.

In a statement today, the Government says that like many former ministers, who are also lawyers in a number of law firms in Gibraltar, Mr Costa acts for and against the Government in his capacity as a lawyer at Isolas, as do other members of his firm.

It adds the work Mr Costa has done for Government has been done at a greatly reduced hourly rate.