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3rd May 2019, 20:33

​Parliament unanimously supports a motion recognising a Climate Emergency

On Friday Parliament unanimously supported a motion moved by the Minister for the Environment and Climate Change recognising a Climate Emergency. The motion aims to serve as a commitment to take urgent action and aspire towards carbon neutrality. The motion is a call to action that engages the whole community and not just about the practical actions a Government may take.

The motion commits making Gibraltar Carbon Neutral by 2030 and reducing emissions by 50 percent by 2035. John Cortes said it was not about what's been done, but about, what's left to do.

While recognising the importance of the motion, it was met with a degree of scepticism by the Opposition, who believe that a real difference can only be made with a cross party approach, for this reason the GSD indicated it would not be able to give it the unanimous support it would have liked.

Marlene Hassan Nahon pointed out Gibraltar still only produced under one percent of its energy from renewable sources. While questioning the credibility of the Government's renewed vigour, inspired by UK demonstrations and describing the Minister's statements as bluster and lipservice, she nevertheless said she'd support the motion on the basis of its importance.

A commitment from John Cortes on cross party consultation meant the motion was eventually supported by the whole House.

The Environmental Safety Group has welcomed the unanimous passing saying it's an important symbolic step of unity that it supports and hopefully a sign of the future co-operation needed for the implementation of an Action Plan.