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17th February 2020, 20:27

​PartyGaming founder Ruth Parasol thanks Gibraltar for 16 years of support & friendship

Gibraltar is the place PartyGaming founder, Ruth Parasol, has called home over the past sixteen years and where she's also based her International Headquarters.

An event at the Rock Hotel celebrated her time on the Rock, with the idea being to hold these gatherings on a regular basis as a way of getting the community together and providing regular updates.

Her global operations employ over 120, with 20 of these working in the locally based control centre.

It was a celebration of 16 years on the Rock and a look ahead to what's yet to come. Ruth Parasol moved to Gibraltar in 2004 when she was looking for a home in Europe for her gaming company, then based in the Caribbean. Gibraltar was not her first choice

In June 2005 Partygaming was the first Gibraltar company to float on the London Stock Exchange-Ruth Parasol was probably the first woman to float her company there. Self made- she puts her success down to hard work and luck. If being a woman in business is an obstacle, she learnt to overcome this from an early age.

And so empowering women is important to Ruth Parasol. Much of her philanthropy is based around this and she feels it's necessary to level the playing field. The Parasol Foundation-previously known as the Bonita Trust, has donated £50 million at a rate of 2 to 3 million a year, for projects on education, health, culture and technology.

The event, which also aims to promote young talent, was also a huge 'thank you' to Gibraltar-an assurance that this was home. Ruth Parasol is now focusing primarily on expanding her Real Estate portfolio, a fund, which at present has no third party investment.

If her movements over the past sixteen years: her ability to spot opportunities and winners and diversify are anything to go by-watch this space-this lady can navigate uncharted territories and Gibraltar has undoubtedly been enriched by her entrepreneurship.