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17th September 2021, 20:25

PCR tests will no longer be required for fully vaccinated travellers flying to England

Fully vaccinated people travelling into England from Gibraltar, and other non red list countries, will no longer have to take a pre departure test.

The changes come into effect in October. The UK Transport Secretary Grant Shapps today announced important changes to rules for international travel.

These include replacing the PCR tests with cheaper lateral flow tests. And, the UK's Traffic Light system for Travel will also be scrapped. Only the Red List will remain.

The UK’s transport Secretary Grant Shapps has this afternoon announced that as From the 4th of October, fully vaccinated people travelling from Non Red List Countries, will no longer be required to take pre departure tests before arrival into England.

Flying to UK to become easier

The changes will be welcomed locally, with all outbound flights from Gibraltar airport destined for UK destinations.

If you’re flying into England, Day Two tests will remain in place until late in October when they will be scrapped and replaced with a cheaper lateral flow test.

With more than 81 per cent of the adult population in the UK now fully vaccinated, Grant Shapps said it was now possible to effect additional freedoms.

This afternoon, the Transport Secretary also outlined important changes to the traffic light system which will also be scrapped as from the 4th of October.

Under the new changes, there will no longer be a Green or Amber List. Only the Red List will remain. It will continue to highlight countries which the UK Government does not deem it safe to travel to.

As of yet, No changes have been announced to Gibraltar’s travel lists by the Gibraltar Government. Countries on Gibraltar's travel lists have largely been the same as the UK’s. Grant Shapps says the relaxation of rules are all about making it easier to travel without the bureaucracy.

The changes are expected to last into the new year at the very least.