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29th January 2021, 19:03

Phase one of Covid vaccination programme now complete, second phase starts this weekend

Phase I of the Covid vaccination programme has now been completed. The next batch of vaccines is due to arrive on Saturday and phase II of the GHA programme will start on Sunday.

By Friday evening, over 12,800 people in Gibraltar will have received their first dose of vaccine.

The GHA explains that once people have received the first vaccine, the body will start to produce an immune response, but that this takes time. Current evidence shows that up to 89% of people will have developed some immunity to the virus by the time of their second dose. The second dose is designed to both give longer immunity from the virus, and also to raise the immunity level to 95%.

It is not yet known for certain whether people who have been vaccinated can still pass the virus to others. The GHA strongly advises that even those who have received their vaccine continue to take precautions.

In the vast majority of cases vaccines will be administered at the same time and on the same day, three weeks after the original appointment.As an example, if someone was vaccinated at 11:00 on Monday 11th January, their next appointment will be at 11:00 on Monday 1st February.

The GHA stresses the importance that people keep their appointments to avoid wasting the vaccine. It adds it will not be possible to move appointments from one day to another, apart from in very exceptional circumstances, as their will not be any spare vaccine on other days as it has all been allocated.