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13th March 2018, 16:38

Picardo calls for unity with La Linea at PSOE anniversary event

The communities of Gibraltar and La Linea should be united in understanding and cooperation, the Chief Minister told the La Linea branch of the PSOE party at its 40th anniversary celebration.

Speaking at the Palacio de Congresos, Fabian Picardo said Gibraltar would not forget it was a PSOE government that opened the frontier after its closure during the Franco dictatorship. He thanked the party for being willing to talk with Gibraltar, and added whatever political ups and downs there were, his government would always facilitate investment in both communities.

Among those at the event were PSOE La Linea local secretary, Juan Chacon; PSOE representative for Cadiz, Salvador de la Encina; and the current and previous mayors of La Linea, Juan Franco of Cien Por Cien and Gemma Araujo of the PSOE.