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19th July 2019, 19:41

Picardo convinced Grace 1 will be found to have been “sanctions-busting", but says Gibraltar could still release supertanker to a party not involved in that operation, or indeed for state immunity reasons

The Chief Minister says he is convinced there will be findings that there was a “sanctions-busting operation going on” with the supertanker Grace 1. But Fabian Picardo told GBC Gibraltar could still release Grace 1 to a party that was not involved in that operation, or indeed if there are state immunity issues involved.

The interview follows Mr Picardo's trip to London where he met the Deputy Ambassador of Iran to the UK, as well as the outgoing Prime Minister Theresa May and the two men hoping to succeed her: Boris Johnson and Jeremy Hunt.

While recognizing the strong support among Conservative party voters for Brexit- even a no-deal Brexit- he told our reporter Jonathan Scott the access that his Government enjoys with UK leaders is a "huge advantage" as we approach the “Brexit endgame”.