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2nd December 2019, 20:13

​Plane diverted to Malaga after being struck by lightning & unable to land due to stormy weather

A British Airways flight from Heathrow to Gibraltar was reportedly hit by lightning when diverted to Malaga.

One passenger told GBC it was “very frightening for a little", adding, the flight was 30 minutes away from landing in Gibraltar when the pilot informed passengers visibility was poor and they were subsequently put in a holding pattern.

An attempt at landing was aborted with the passenger saying that on approach to Gibraltar runway the plane ascended into a "serious patch of rough stormy weather" and started shaking "pretty violently". He added that at one point there was a very bright flash that enveloped the plane with a boom.

Once the plane landed in Málaga the pilot confirmed to passengers that the plane had been hit by lightning and would need to be examined by engineers before its next journey.