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13th September 2017, 19:45

Police Authority hopes to have new Police Commissioner-designate by end of year

The Police Authority hopes to have a new Police Commissioner-designate selected before the end of the year, so as to be able to send its recommendation to the Governor.

This was confirmed by GPA Chairman, John Goncalves, following the news that the current Commissioner, Eddie Yome, has written to the Governor, GPA, Chief Minister and Minister for Justice regarding the end of his term on the 30th of April next year. Mr Yome’s term, which was originally set to end last April, was extended last year.

Mr Goncalves said the GPA will meet in the next three weeks to set a timeframe for the selection process for Commissioner of Police. He confirmed there are three officers qualified to apply for the post: superintendents Ian McGrail, Richard Mifsud and Richard Ullger.