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24th May 2024, 20:11

Policia Nacional must carry out border checks, Spanish Govt tells Senate

Published by GBC News

The Spanish Government has told the Senate that the Policia Nacional must carry out border controls, armed and in uniform, at the Gibraltar airport, the port and the marina, if a treaty is to be agreed.

It says the Frontex's role will be to support and complement the Policia Nacional.

In a report in today's Gibraltar Chronicle, the Gibraltar Government says this is not agreed.

The detail of how the Spanish Government expects border controls to work has been described in answers to questions from the Partido Popular Opposition in the Spanish Senate.

A post-Brexit treaty for Gibraltar is expected to provide for a free-flowing frontier with entry to the Schengen Area determined in all other entry points into Gibraltar, including the airport and the port.

The Chronicle quotes the Spanish Government saying the responsibility for entry to Schengen must be controlled by uniformed and armed Policia Nacional officers, with Frontex serving in an auxiliary capacity.