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24th June 2016, 19:44

Pope Francis appoints Mgr. Carmelo Zammitt the Bishop of Gibraltar

Published by GBC News

Pope Francis has appointed Monsignor Carmelo Zammitt the Bishop of Gibraltar. Monsignor Zammitt, of the Archdiocese of Malta, has close links with the Rock, having spent 20 years in Gibraltar, part of that time as a priest in the 70’s and 80’s. The news was announced at a press conference held at the Cathedral of St Mary the Crowned, at midday today. Monsignor Zammitt says Gibraltar will now be his home, where he'll spend the rest of his life.

Bishop-Elect Zammitt is succeeding Monsignor Ralph Heskett, following his appointment as Bishop of Hallam in 2014. Gibraltar has therefore been waiting for this news for nearly two years now.

Given the timing of his appointment, Monsignor Zammitt also expressed his opinions on Brexit. He praised the Gibraltarian public for being "able to take on challenges, without being buried by them".

Bishop-Elect Zammitt will be ordained on the 8th September in Malta and he hopes Gibraltarians will be able to visit for the occasion. Archbishop of Westminster, Vincent Nichols, as well as Bishop Ralph Heskett, will be the consecrating Bishops when Monsignor Zammitt is ordained.