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1st August 2022, 20:27

​Priority now is to restore water, but there will be 'thorough investigation' in future, says Government

Published by GBC News

The Government says the priority right now is to restore water to Gibraltar, but that after that, it will carry out a "thorough investigation" into what happened and why, and how other contingency measures can be put in place to stop this happening again. That is according to the Minister for Civil Contingencies, who told GBC there is no time right now to look at what's gone wrong and how to improve it, but that this will be done in future.

Asked who will be footing the bill for the response to the crisis, Samantha Sacramento said the Government would be looking at AquaGib, as this is an issue of continuity of supply with a contractor of theirs - although she added the Government has not looked at this in detail yet. In terms of security, Ms Sacramento said the scene is the subject of a criminal investigation by the Royal Gibraltar Police.

Four out of five of AquaGib's reverse osmosis plants are situated at Governors Cottage. Our reporter, Christina Cortes, asked the Minister whether this has exposed the danger of putting too many eggs in one basket, as well as what contingency plans were in place to prevent the interruption of water supply Gibraltar has experienced.