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19th May 2017, 20:43

Protocol implemented to test water at Western Beach

The water at Western Beach will be sampled three times a week during the bathing season, with the beach to be closed if EU water quality standards aren’t being met.

This is part of a protocol aiming to protect public health,announced by the Ministry of the Environment. In addition to the sampling regime, the water will be inspected by sight and smell every day. If any pollution or bacterial deterioration is detected, the beach will be closed till the sampling results show the water is fit for bathing.

Due to the chance of sewage discharges from a storm water drain in La Linea, Western Beach will also be closed during periods of heavy rain, with this to be followed by daily water sampling to ascertain when the beach can be reopened. The bathing water quality sampling results are published on the Environmental Agency website, and on the Gibenviro smartphone app.