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11th January 2018, 19:56

PSOE calls on Spanish gov't to tackle effects of Brexit on the Campo region

The Spanish socialist party PSOE has called for the central government to tackle the effects Brexit will have on the Campo de Gibraltar. This follows a meeting at the party’s Madrid headquarters, chaired by its president of the group of European parliamentary socialists, Iratxe Garcia, and also attended by the Vice President of the PSOE in Cadiz, Juan Carlos Ruiz Boix.

The PSOE says it’s concerned the issue has not yet been dealt with in negotiations, and says bilateral talks are needed between Spain and the UK. It also calls for the country’s inter-ministerial commission on Brexit to approve specific measures for the Campo de Gibraltar. Representatives of the PSOE in Cadiz also demanded continued frontier fluidity during the Brexit transition period; Ms Garcia said she will take this up with the central government, and also also committed herself to visiting the Campo de Gibraltar in future.