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25th November 2021, 21:33

Public Health advice to parents causes confusion on COVID isolation for children

Advice from Public Health Gibraltar, issued by schools to parents this morning, may have caused some confusion over the guidance regarding isolation.

The advice appeared to suggest that even if a child tests negative for COVID-19, they should only return to school after they've had no associated symptoms for 24 hours.

This, despite the fact that the common cold shares many potential symptoms with COVID - meaning students would have spent a lot of time off school.

In response to GBC questions, Public Health has clarified that children who have tested negative for COVID but have mild symptoms, such as runny noses or very mild coughs, can be be sent to school.

However, children who've tested negative for COVID but have heavy flu-like symptoms such as fever should stay at home - as would be normal in those circumstances.

In September, the Health Authority said that last winter, due to the various restrictions in place to reduce the spread of COVID-19, there were far fewer infections among younger people. The GHA said as a result, many younger people will not have developed immunity, and warned it was possible we could see more cases of respiratory illness this year as a result.