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25th September 2019, 19:52

With the economic threat of Brexit looming, promised public sector efficiencies need to materialise, says Chamber

The public sector efficiencies promised by the Government need to materialise in order that Gibraltar’s economy can ‘remain affordable’, according to the Chamber of Commerce. The business organisation’s President Christian Hernandez told GBC Gibraltar is doing very well because the private sector - the ‘engine’ of the Rock’s economy - is creating wealth for all. But he said Brexit is the biggest single threat to our prosperity, with other jurisdictions keen to poach businesses currently based here.

Asked about the General Election and policies that the Chamber would consider desirable, Mr Hernandez said the Chamber will publish its election wish list soon but added that the first measure a new government could make is to properly introduce e-government. Given the way Gibraltar projects itself internationally, he said, businesses need to be able to communicate with the Government online, rather than physically ‘go to three different public sector departments’.

Mr Hernandez said e-government should create efficiencies across the public sector and reduce costs, ensuring 'better working practices for everyone'.