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5th December 2023, 20:18

Public's donation to Covid fund will now not be used to fund new entrance to hospital

Published by GBC News

The GHA has scrapped plans for a new entrance to the hospital, which would have been funded by the public's donation to the Covid fund.

Back in July, they reached out to the public on a proposal for a single main entrance for the hospital and Primary Care Centre.

This is now no longer going ahead.

The plans included a single main entrance with new waiting areas for the entire Hospital, as well as digital checking in facilities.

Government said the plans were designed to free up clinical space and to create enhanced meeting areas for patients and visitors.

However, as soon as the project was announced there was push back by some.

A petition was launched pushing for for the Covid fund to be spent on other facilitates. It garnered over 1,400 signatures.

Then Health Minister Albert Isola said at the time the entrance remained under review and feedback was welcomed.

Fast forward to December and the GHA is now scrapping the project. What the Covid fund will be spent on isn't known as of yet but they wanted to emphasise that they were taking feedback on board.

Facilities outside the hospital may need some care but for now, the cure is not going to come from the public donations to the covid fund.

But as far as what is done with the funds, it's back to the drawing board.