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11th May 2015, 19:42

Race Against Time to Save Dolphin in the Bay

Picture: Rocio Espada, Dolphin Adventure

Local company, Dolphin Adventure, is trying to help rescue a dolphin in the bay.  It's feared the dolphin will starve soon because a plastic bottle loop has jammed shut its beak, meaning it’s unable to feed.

Rocio Espada from Dolphin Adventure, a marine biologist, has told GBC the dolphin has been in trouble for a week now. She said: “ It belongs to a pod of juvenile dolphins and we are monitoring it to ensure it doesn’t get lost”. She urged caution and warned about big numbers going out to sea to try and help because it may scare the dolphin which is finding itself “distressed”.

A first attempt to dislodge the loop, working with the Rescue Centre in Algeciras proved impossible. The aim is to now wait for the animal to become weak and then attempt an approach and a post feed.

Spanish environmental agency ‘Verdemar’ says this incident highlights the danger of using the sea as a rubbish dumping ground. 

The red loop jamming shut the dolphin's beak is from a plastic bottle.