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25th February 2020, 20:29

Raw sewage again released into Queensway Quay marina as a result of works at Line Wall Road

The Government has apologised after raw sewage was again released into Queensway Quay marina on Tuesday.

GBC was alerted to the incident after being contacted by concerned citizens, one of whom sent us this video which shows sewage flowing out at a considerable rate. In answer to GBC questions, a Government spokesperson confirmed the incident is a result of works on the Main Sewer at Line Wall Road.

This is being relined with a liner made of Glass Reinforced Plastic in order to increase its structural capacity and improve flow. In order to carry out the relining works the section of sewer which is to receive the liner must be completely free of sewage and cleaned.

The Government said: "In order to achieve this, the sewer is blocked at both ends and the sewage diverted through other pipes. The diversion is achieved with large industrial pumps and using the three black hoses which can currently be seen on the footpath along Lover’s Lane. The main sewer has a series of overflows which are connected to the storm water system in the event that sewage flows are very high. This is to prevent the sewage surcharging manholes and ending up spewing on to our roads and footpaths. As part of the sewage diversion the flows past the blocked section are very high and as a result the overflows are plugged to prevent the sewage from entering the storm water system and ending up in the sea.

The Government told GBC: "Unfortunately, one of the plugs placed at the overflow was breached by the high pressure, resulting in the sewage entering the storm water system. The spokesperson said the breach has now being re-sealed and all overflows reinforced to prevent this from re-occurring.

Works are earmarked for completion on the 2nd March 2020.