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14th April 2018, 15:37

Red flag at Camp Bay as Portuguese Man O War throng drifts in

Lifeguards at Camp Bay spent Saturday afternoon warning beachgoers to stay away from the shore, which had been littered with washed up Portuguese Man O War. As many as twenty had to be collected from the beachfront and disposed of.

The creatures are often mistaken for jellyfish, but are in fact colonies of organisms rather than a single animal, and they carry a nasty sting, which in cases of small children or adults with heart conditions, can be fatal.

As temperatures on Saturday rose, families gathered at Camp Bay to make the most of the break in stormy weather. Although it was highly unlikely this was going to lead to any bathing, lifeguards had to warn people to stay away from the shoreline, as even Man O War which have been lying in the sun for hours can continue to sting.