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25th September 2015, 14:28

"Redefining the Neanderthals" at this year's Calpe Conference

“Redefining the Neanderthals” is the theme of this year’s Calpe Conference, on the year of the Gibraltar Museum’s 85th anniversary. Over 170 people have registered for the three-day event, with international experts examining how established concepts of the Neanderthals have changed over the last decade, through recent discoveries and research in Gibraltar and elsewhere.

This year’s Calpe Conference focuses on two major themes: Neanderthal biology, and their ecology and behaviour. It is the first major event to be held at the newly inaugurated University of Gibraltar, and has seen the largest turnout yet by visitors from abroad.

The conference runs from Friday to Sunday, with presentations by around eighteen speakers from across Europe and the US. More details can be found on the Museum’s website.