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7th August 2022, 23:04

Failure at refinery substation sees Cepsa activate safety protocol, reports regional press

Published by GBC News

A failure in a substation at the San Roque refinery on Sunday evening saw Cepsa activate its safety protocol, according to a report by Diario Area.

According to the regional newspaper, the emergency services received a warning of smoke from the refinery at around 10pm, with this resulting in ”intense flames” from the chimneys. It reports that the reason was a failure in the Pinar del Rey substation. Firefighters and police officers have attended the site. 

Diario Area also reports that Algeciras, Tarifa, Los Barrios and San Roque suffered power cuts of varying durations. 

Meanwhile, the San Roque City Council issued a statement saying the flames were the result of security measures in place whenever there is a power outage, and reassured the public the situation wasn't an emergency.

(Photo by John Sanchez)