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30th September 2019, 20:26

​Registration for voting in the general election closes on 2nd October

Registration for voting in the general election closes this Wednesday. Parliament staff is busy with all the last minute preparations, with closing dates also coming up for proxy and postal voting.

This year people have been able to register closer to the date because of the rolling register. Voters have till Wednesday to check they are on it.

The closing date for registration for Proxy voters, those getting someone to vote for them, is the 11th. Forms for Postal voting need to be in by the 9th. This year the Gibraltar Office in London is being used as a mailbox.

There's also one piece of advice for the day itself and that's a request for the electorate to vote early.

Registration forms are available on the Parliament website. There's also a section on frequently asked questions and information on polling stations with an interactive map to show voters where to go.