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6th February 2024, 18:06

​Regulatory Authority raises awareness on deceptive design patterns on online platforms

Published by GBC News

The Regulatory Authority has published an awareness video highlighting key information relating to deceptive design patterns on online platform interfaces.

Deceptive design patterns are considered conniving interfaces and user journeys implemented by online platforms. They may show up as tricky colour schemes, frustrating mazes, sneaky designs, and confusing language. Online platforms use these techniques to influence people into making unintended, unwilling and potentially harmful decisions.

The Video, accessible on the data protection section of the GRA’s website and social media platforms, offers guidance to the public and organisations on how to assess and avoid deceptive design patterns which so regularly influence users’ online journeys. Deceptive design patterns may, for example, mislead individuals into making unintended, unwilling, and potentially harmful decisions, which consequently hinder their ability to effectively protect their personal data.

The six categories of deceptive design patterns addressed within the Video result from an interdisciplinary analysis of existing interfaces as explored by European Data Protection Authorities and published guidelines.

Further to this awareness raising initiative, over the coming weeks, the GRA will also be reviewing the practices of local entities as part of an international initiative of the Global Privacy Enforcement Network.

By raising awareness, the GRA aims to empower the public against deceptive design patterns, whilst the regulatory reviews and initiatives will focus on promoting compliance and best practice locally, taking appropriate action where necessary.

For further information, contact the GRA on:

Tel 200 74636 

or by email on: