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8th November 2020, 23:28

Restrictions in Andalucia just fall short of a lockdown

The Andalusian Government has announced new restrictions to try and contain the spread of Covid 19. From midnight on Monday, all non essential activity in Andalucia will have to cease at six every afternoon.  This includes office work as well as the hospitality sector.

Unjustified travel between towns will be banned for a period of two weeks until the 23rd of November,  unless there is a valid reason - such as work or health. 

The entire Andalusian region will also remain locked off from the rest of Spain until then.

The current curfew has been extended and is now applicable between 10pm and 7am every day..

The Andalusian President Juanma Moreno introduced the new restrictions for his region on Sunday afternoon following a meeting with his Committee of Experts.

They come into force at a time when Andalucia registers Covid infections above the National average.

The regional government is unable to introduce total confinement.  The strict measures aim to strike a balance: Restrict movement yet allow for some commercial activity to take place. 

Junta President, Juanma Moreno said he was introducing the new measures not knowing when he would be able to restore normality. He appealed to everyone, especially the young, to do their very best to contain the virus.