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3rd August 2022, 19:09

Return to normality expected by early next week, estimates Minister for Public Utilities

Published by GBC News

The Minister for Public Utilities estimates that Gibraltar will return to some sort of normality by early next week, when water supplies are back in excess of 20 million litres.

Albert Isola told GBC that three of the four reverse osmosis plants at Governors Cottage are now working, adding tests on the fourth will hopefully be completed on Thursday, meaning the Rock's desalination facilities will be able to run at 100 percent of capacity again.

A new reverse osmosis plant is expected to be here by Tuesday, increasing production by another million litres.

Mr Isola said that last year, the Government had already been looking at making provision for added capacity with the use of temporary reverse osmosis plants at the North Mole station in future.

In terms of the coming days, Mr Isola said the ongoing supply of water from Spain will hopefully continue. He said overnight restrictions are set to continue for a few days longer, and thanked people for keeping their water usage down.

GBC reporter, Christina Cortes, spoke to the Minister.