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4th August 2022, 19:51

Reverse Osmosis plant back to 100% production capacity at midnight, but one of the Spanish water trucks 'fails bacterial test'

Published by GBC News

The water supply across Gibraltar has been fully restored, and the AquaGib Reverse Osmosis Plant at Governor’s Cottage is expected to be operating at 100% capacity at midnight tonight.

However, AquaGib has identified a bacterial test failure in one of the trucks importing water from Spain.

A Government statement says the pre-emptive measures taken throughout the increased chlorination significantly mitigates against any potential risk of contamination.

The Director of Public health says this presents a low risk which is not concerning because the system was set up to protect against this.

GBC has asked the Government a number of questions about the contamination, including specifically what the water from the truck was contaminated with, whether the water has already been piped into the main supply, and whether people should be drinking tap water. It has also asked when the contamination was detected.

AquaGib says the supply across the network is improving with a temporary solution having been found for the last two remaining areas without water. There will continue to be fluctuations to pressure as stocks continue to remain low.

The fourth remaining reverse osmosis plant will be activated tonight, bringing production capacity to 100 percent.

There is therefore no further urgent requirement to continue importing potable water from Spain to maintain minimum daily production levels.

Overnight restrictions will continue to allow AquaGib to replenish stock levels at their reservoirs.