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12th June 2019, 18:21

Reyes calls on the Sports Minister to ensure that publically owned facilities can be equally enjoyed by all

Shadow Sports Minister Edwin Reyes has supported the Government's policy of assisting local sporting bodies to fight politically motivated attempts to block Gibraltar's membership of International sporting bodies. In his address, he wished the GFA every success with the upgrade of the Victoria Stadium, the GSD's preferred site for a stadium. But, he also highlighted a need for further training facilities.

Mr Reyes said he was proud of the athletes who'll be competing in the Island Games and of the fact that Gibraltar is hosting them; but he said he would have liked to have seen the facilities ready earlier so local athletes could get a chance to get better acquainted with the venues they'll compete in.

He praised the sporting achievements over the year and called on the Sports Minister to ensure that publicly owned facilities can be enjoyed equally by all.

Mr Reyes questions why there's only £1000 allocated to the new theatre at the old Queens Cinema, pointing out the Government had announced significant progress there in its 2015 election manifesto.

On education, he welcomed the introduction of co-education and expressed the hope that there'll be a workable traffic plan in place to avoid congestion when the new comprehensive schools open in September.

The Opposition member also highlighted the need for a 'gold standard' Apprenticeship programme. He stressed the importance of the Government talking and listening to the teachers in the development of policy.