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30th June 2022, 17:21

Reyes questions estimates for leave and cover in education budget, calls for review of school leaving age

In his Budget speech, Shadow Minister for Education, Edwin Reyes, queried the estimates for 2022 to 2023 for maternity and paternity leave among education staff, as well as temporary cover.

Mr Reyes also called for the school leaving age to be reviewed, pointing to the system in the UK whereby students can leave at the age of 16 if they then embark on an apprenticeship or training course.

He also asked about the future of around 90 to 100 teachers who, he said, had been employed on supply contracts and have now been left technically as unemployed.

As Shadow Minister for Sports, he described the delay in the completion of the Lathbury Barracks and Europa Point facilities as "embarrassing", adding he hopes that this is indeed now imminent.