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18th January 2021, 21:17

RGP confirms no death caused by vaccine

The RGP has confirmed that an audio message widely circulated on WhatsApp, in which it was suggested that a front line worker had died shortly after being vaccinated was not accurate.

While police say the message had not been sent with malicious intent, it had spread into the wider and community and caused considerable alarm.

They have clarified the deceased worked in a care home away from Gibraltar; she had underlying health issues; her cause of death was registered as being caused by heart disease and she had the vaccine several days prior to dying.

A man identifying himself as the source of the message on social media has reiterated that he had not intended for the message to be spread and had no desire to undermine the GHA’s vaccination programme.

He said he recorded the message, based on what he believed to be the facts at that time, and he is appalled at the distress it has caused some members of the community. He adds that it was others who added further misinformation, and that he fully intends to take the vaccine when it is offered.