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29th September 2020, 20:19

RGP investigating incident in which Public Health official reportedly spat at

The RGP are investigating an incident in which the Director of Public Health, Dr Sohail Bhatti, said a member of his team was spat at by someone in a moving vehicle, with the action accompanied by angry words about COVID.

The incident was reported to the RGP by the Government ,which says that while there is a lot of abuse on social media, when it translates to the real world, people have to realise they have crossed a line. It adds harassment of Government employees, either online or in real life, will never be tolerated.

In response to GBC questions, it says Public Health professionals work extremely hard and everyone ought to be grateful for their diligence and care. It adds difficult messages are not the result of malice, but merely difficult information that has to be conveyed truthfully. Number Six adds conspiracy theories have no place in the clinical and public health processes followed in Gibraltar, adding it is always happy to engage in educational activities.