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13th October 2021, 15:34

​RGP officers recognised for work on case of carer stealing from employers

RGP officers have been recognised for their work on the recent case of a carer that was caught stealing from her employers.

Chief Inspector Paul Chipolina and Detective Constables David Chambers, Joseph Given and Louise Goldwin have received commendations from the Commissioner of Police.

Last month, Virginia Osuna Gil was sent to prison for four years for stealing £130,000 worth of jewellery from her employers, who she worked for as a carer.

The Case, named Operation Theta, involved substantial work with DNA. Swabs were taken from the victims and those with access to the properties, as well as from two pouches that the jewellery had been stolen from.

Osuna Gil’s DNA was found on both pouches and she was arrested.

Officers liaised with the Cuerpo Nacional de Policia in la Linea who found that the Spanish national had pawned off the stolen items to businesses in Spain.