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7th September 2019, 15:19

Satellite pictures show the Adrian Darya, formerly named the Grace 1 off the coast of Syria

Pictures courtesy TPX

The Adrian Darya, the supertanker formerly known as the Grace 1, which spent four weeks detained in Gibraltar, has been spotted by satellite pictures off the coast of Syria.

The vessel was seized by the Gibraltar's authorities together with the Royal Marines on 4th July on suspicion of heading for an EU sanctioned port in Syria. However it was released by Gibraltar after assurances from Iran that it would not be going to Syria.

The vessel turned off its tracking system on Monday, and has now been seen off the Syrian port of Tartus.

The satellite images matched a similar image tweeted by US security adviser John Bolton, who said; "anyone who said the Adrian Darya 1 wasn't headed to syria is in denial".