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2nd April 2024, 20:43

Schedule for McGrail Inquiry published - Former police commissioner will give live evidence in week two, Chief Minister week five

Published by GBC News

The schedule for the Inquiry into the early retirement of the former Commissioner of Police has been published.

It includes the list of participants who will be giving evidence over five weeks.

Ros Astengo will be following the inquiry with Jonathan Sacramento for GBC in the coming weeks and has been looking at the schedule.

She spoke to Iain Triay Clarence.

The trial starts on Monday the 8th of April with opening remarks from the Inquiry's Counsel and Counsel for the different participants over the first two days.

Ian McGrail's evidence kicks off week two. He's had two days set aside for his evidence, as has James Levy, senior partner at Hassans, whose offices and home were allegedly searched as part of police investigation, Operation Delhi.

The current Police Commissioner, Richard Ullger, and his deputy, Cathal Yeats, give evidence on week four, along with the Police Authority and the former Police Federation President.

Chief Minister, Fabian Picardo, and then Governor, Nick Pyle, are set to close the inquiry with two days each over week five.

You can follow the McGrail Inquiry in detail on GBC from Monday morning.

GBC Television and Radio Gibraltar Plus will stream proceedings from the Garrison Library.

For legal reasons the hearing will be broadcast on a 10-minute delay.

That’s the McGrail Inquiry on GBC Television and Radio Gibraltar Plus - 100.5FM on your Radio and also available on the Radio Gibraltar app and on gbc.gi.