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12th June 2018, 20:46

SDGG not able to attend UN; calls for visiting mission in submitted speech

The Self-Determination for Gibraltar Group was not able to attend the session due to not receiving the requisite permission from the UN in time. However, in the written speech it would have delivered and has instead submitted, it too calls for the Committee to send a visiting mission to Gibraltar, and “stop worrying about offending Spain”.

The SDGG describes Spain as having “a callous disregard for the right of self-determination”, citing its response to the Catalan referendum. It refers to a motion by the Partido Popular in the Spanish senate, reaffirming its sovereignty claim to Gibraltar.

The Group calls on the Committee to take decisive action – not to “embolden a bully and isolate a people”. It says Gibraltar wishes to “peacefully coexist with its neighbours”, but will never cease its fight to ensure its rights are respected.