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30th August 2022, 19:29

Ship carrying toxic materials would not be permitted to enter BGTW, says Government

Published by GBC News

The Government says a vessel from Brazil that appears to be headed towards the Strait carrying reportedly toxic materials will not be permitted to enter British Gibraltar Territorial Waters if it attempts to do so.

The vessel, named Sao Paulo, is said to be laden with toxic paints, asbestos, and cancer-causing chemicals. It's on its way to Turkey to be scrapped.

The Government says that unless a vessel (or its tug) schedules a call at the Gibraltar Port, the Port Authority is unable to prevent its transit through the Strait.

The shipping of the vessel goes against an injunction from the Brazil Federal District Court and international laws, according to several NGOs.

For its part, the Environmental Safety Group says it has been contacted by an NGO from Brazil hoping to raise maximum awareness of the passage. The ESG has also contacted the Port and local environmental authorities about this.

Some recent reports say that Turkey has refused entry to the vessel, however it has not agreed to turn around and appears to be slowly heading towards the Strait. It is being towed by another vessel named Alp Centre.