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11th January 2019, 20:31

Sir Joe Bossano hits back at GGCA President; also says Island Games do not make economic sense

Sir Joe Bossano has hit back at the President of the GGCA Union, rejecting the accusation by Wendy Cumming that he is attempting to “break the civil service”.

The Minister for Economic Development said the Government has been very accommodating of the civil service union, stating that it pays Ms Cumming’s salary; something he said that has never happened before for a leader of any of Gibraltar’s main unions.

Sir Joe said Ms Cumming earns a head of department salary and as such should not be reflecting her own private political views.

Sir Joe was speaking on GBC's Viewpoint. He also said though the Island Games may have some unquantifiable value, they do not make economic sense. But he said that is not why they are being hosted here.

The Government Minister said Gibraltar will take advantage of the hosting of the games this summer to build sports facilities that might have otherwise been built but over many more years.