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23rd September 2022, 18:37

Situation with leaked oil from beached bulk carrier has improved, according to Captain of the Port

The situation with leaked oil from the beached bulk carrier has improved on Friday, according to the Captain of the Port.

John Ghio said there’s less oil visibly emanating from the OS 35 and less spillage escaping the boom.

Dive Teams have been assessing the vessel and have identified the source of the leak. They believe it comes from residues in Tank 1 or the surrounding pipework. They believe this is unpumpable.

An operation to patch the gap at deck level will begin on Saturday. The divers will continue to investigate the exact source, with additional measures possible.

The Minister for the Port Vijay Daryanani chaired a meeting of the Recovery Coordination Group Friday afternoon. They report that the clean-up teams are managing the limited amount of tar balls that are discovered during the daily shoreline assessments.

There is some oil at Seven Sisters. This will be tackled on Saturday by the Department of Environment, together with teams from GJBS and volunteers from the ESG and the Nautilus Project.